10 Wrestling Mistakes That Made Matches Better

When real botches create real drama in a fake, scripted world.


Few things derail a potentially great wrestling match like a botch, with WWE Super ShowDown 2019 providing the perfect recent example.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker was all action, and looked like it would finish respectably until the former WCW Champion's head went crashing into the ring post after a dodged corner Spear. With Goldberg legitimately concussed, a sloppy, dangerous mess unfolded. Bill nearly killed 'Taker by dropping him on his head with what was supposed to be a Jackhammer. He then failed to get up for the match-ending Chokeslam, though Goldberg's ringside collapse after the bell was the hardest thing to watch.

At least the ageing duo had the concussion as an excuse. This wasn't the case with Aleister Black vs. Lars Sullivan at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II, in which a whiffed Black Mass kick rendered a triumphant monster-slaying a total farce.

But mistakes need not ruin a match, provided nobody is incapacitated. Sometimes, a little roughness enhances the drama instead of taking you out of it, though the wrestlers' response is absolutely critical. Improvising when things go wrong is difficult, but not impossible, and it's something that Goldberg mastered himself 21 years before Super ShowDown...


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