10 Wrestling Moments Live Fans Hated (But The Internet Loved)

The crowd may not have gone wild, but wrestling Twitter sure did!

Lana Bobby Lashley

Despite it recently becoming public knowledge that the owner of the biggest wrestling promotion on planet Earth pays absolutely no attention to the happenings on Twitter, the voices of those vocal many online have becoming increasingly heard when it comes to the eventual product being rolled out on numerous in-ring shows on a weekly basis.

Contrary to Vinnie Mac's insistence on ignoring trends, someone within WWE's walls must very much have their ears to the ground when it comes to all things social media. How else do you explain the consistently 18-49 demo-friendly shenanigans going down on Tuesday nights every week?

Yet, as history has sometimes highlighted, not everything that clicks with those glued to their laptops and phone screens makes an impact on the folks who paid their hard earned cash to watch a wrestling event go down in the flesh. Some even leave them wondering why they bothered investing in the predetermined art form in the first place.

From yet another soul-crushing wedding sinking an arena whilst simultaneously blowing up YouTube, to a fumbled debut deflating a crowd but inspiring hope in the Twitter-verse, the virtual and in-attendance portions of the fandom simply could not agree on these wrasslin' occurrences.

10. Cody Keeps On Teasing A Turn

Lana Bobby Lashley

The final weeks of Cody Rhodes' time battling it out with All Elite's finest brought with it some of the most compelling and intriguing wrestling character work being committed to Wednesday and Friday nights.

Though he'd shown time and time again how adept he could be at playing the bad guy, The American Nightmare appeared adamant on sticking to his honest principals whilst telling his ever-twisting tales within the Cody-Verse.

Very much privy to those calls from the socials for him to finally turn full heel in the thick of his TNT title exploits, though, Rhodes would routinely offer little breadcrumbs of wickedness to those keeping up online and joining the dots as hopes of that long-awaited fall into the Dark Side remained alive and well.

In truth, the elaborately dressed and excessive entrance-equipped Cody had little intention of committing to a darker variation of his Nightmare Family leader. And this was something that routinely left AEW crowds seething and frustrated in the last days of his All Elite career.

In the end, Cody may have been the Internet's favourite heel-in-waiting, but for many of those filing into AEW's many arenas he was little more than a miscast annoyance.


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