10 Wrestling Moments So Bad You Almost QUIT

Frustrating squashes, burials, and other wrestling moments that nearly made you quit watching.

Daniel Bryan Triple H Vacated WWE Championship

Wrestling fans are a resilient bunch.

Even when a company is pumping out the sort of tedious and mind-numbing content that would make the average consumer think twice about wasting their time on it, those who have spent a decent chunk of their lives watching this barmy world of pro wrestling will simply grit their teeth and continue hoping for a brighter, more inspired tomorrow.

That being said, there have still definitely been more than a few occasions over the years when the more passionate and dedicated supporters of this business have actually very nearly decided to call it a day.

And these dreadful spells and moments came in all shapes and sizes, with everything from a company incinerating press conference to a soul-destroying conclusion on 'The Grandest Stage of Them All' leaving folks questioning whether it was actually worth sticking around to watch this god-awful wrestling mess.

Hell, some of these moments were so terrible, a large portion of the fanbase did in fact never opt to return.

Not even the continual burying of one of the most popular underdogs in the game or the complete botching of one of the hottest storylines in wrestling history could make a decent number of wrestling fans tune out, though.

But you can bet your ass they considered it after stuff like...

10. Brawl Out

Daniel Bryan Triple H Vacated WWE Championship

In the moment, it wasn't entirely clear exactly how much damage had been done during CM Punk's muffin-fuelled rant at everyone from The Elite to Colt Cabana and the subsequent backstage brawl between that former unit and 'The Best in the World' and Ace Steele post-All Out 2022.

But one year removed from the infamous Brawl Out incident, it's now plain to see that the venom injected into the company that night in Chicago gradually turned a decent number of All Elite fans off the young company.

Now sure, the fact AEW have just put on 'The Biggest Event in Wrestling History' inside of Wembley Stadium proves that there's still a ton of folks out there who refuse to stop believing in the exciting brand.

However, the decline in stateside attendance in the wake of that September 4, 2022 PPV certainly highlights how a lot of folks haven't been anywhere near as invested in a now much more inconsistent and divided product post-Brawl Out.

And the evident never-ending backstage drama continued to overshadow the in-ring action right up to to the moment Punk's contract was eventually terminated recently.

It remains to be seen whether those who didn't opt to persevere during one of the more frustrating periods in All Elite history will return to the alternative world now that the backstage Punk/Elite saga looks to have finally reached its end.

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