10 Wrestling Moves That Have Been Completely Ruined

What were now finishers have been reduced to nothing more than transitional moves.


To say wrestling is far different from what it was a few decades ago would be an understatement, specifically in terms of what we see in the ring.

With there being so much wrestling nowadays and almost all of it being so easily accessible by fans, it's difficult for competitors to innovate and break away from the rest of the pack. The modern wrestling style has also evolved with the times, rendering moves that were once utilized as finishers completely irrelevant.

Of course, a major part of the problem is how finishers are kicked out of so often nowadays. In certain situations, it can add to the excitement and suspense of a match. More often than not, however, that approach waters the moves down and causes them to not be taken seriously by fans.

The Fiend enduring nearly a dozen Curb Stomps from Seth Rollins last October at Hell and Cell and powering out of every one of them was egregious enough, but at least Rollins continues to use the Stomp to put his opponents down for the count. The same can not be said for finishers of the past that have since been reduced to transitional moves.

At the rapid rate the modern-day wrestling style is changing, the following 10 moves are doomed to forever be kicked out of at one, despite previously being regarded as match-end maneuvers years ago.

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