10 Wrestling Moves Wrestlers Refused To Take

9. The Miz - Canadian Destroyer

Big Show

It's fair to say that not everyone was fully onboard with the idea of Bad Bunny filling up one of WWE's signature celebrity spots on the WrestleMania 37 card. Sure, the singer/songwriter had been routinely appearing on episodes of Raw, but all signs appeared to be pointing to a smokes and mirrors snooze fest on the Grandest Stage.

But, this Bunny had other ideas.

From whacking out Falcon Arrows to fearless diving crossbodies, Bad Bunny went above and beyond, highlighting just how much time and effort he put into making sure he was up to scratch on the night.

Hilariously, the star was so adventurous with the weapons he wanted to utilise at 'Mania, that The Miz - one of the actual full-time wrestlers involved - felt his ideas were a little too extreme for him. In particular, his decision to use a Canadian Destroyer. As Miz noted after the show, "When they brought it up, I was like, 'Absolutely not.' One, because I can't even do a Canadian Destroyer, let alone Bad Bunny doing one."

If we could sum up this celeb's delivery of said Canadian Destroyer on John Morrison in the end, you can file this one under 'awesome'.

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