10 Wrestling Promos Wrestlers Regret

This bunch of wrestlers would definitely like to take these particular promos back.

Cody Rhodes

One outstanding delivery of words in front of an arena full of noisy spectators holds the capacity to make or break the career of any wrestler plying their trade in the business today.

Look no further than current AEW World Champion CM Punk, a star who had been floundering within an utterly broken WWE system until dropping the mother of all verbal "pipe bombs" in 2011. Or even the more recent audible explosion witnessed on June 1's Dynamite as MJF took his star up another notch via completely incinerating his boss on the stick.

Yet, while both of these instantly iconic dropping of the mics will no doubt stand the test of time and rank highly among both men's finest achievements to date, the same cannot be said when it pertains to the following string of ill-advised public utterances.

Whether due to not reading the room quite as well as they initially thought they had or simply getting a little too caught up in the moment, each and every name occupying an undesirable spot on this list would rather you forget these promos ever left their precious mouths.

10. Chris Jericho Takes Things Too Far In Brazil

Cody Rhodes

Even the ever-committed Chris Jericho quickly realised he'd well and truly put his foot in it during a WWE showing in Sao Paulo back in 2012... quite literally, in fact.

Coming in the thick of a contest against then reigning WWE Champion CM Punk, Le Champion found himself presented with the opportunity to generate some cheap heat via crumpling and stomping on a Brazilian flag that had somehow made its way into the ring.

Upon hearing the inevitable jeers sent Y2J's way, a heelish Jericho then proceeded to pick up a mic and clap back at the incensed paying public in character. "Shut your mouths!" were the fateful impromptu promo words that seemed to act as the final nail in the "bad judgement call" coffin as Jericho was eventually given the ultimatum of apologising for his behaviour or being arrested by the police.

Sure enough, Jericho would chomp down on some humble pie in next to no time, telling the live audience, “I love Brazil. We are very happy to be here to perform for you. So please accept my apology for stepping on the wonderful flag of this wonderful country.”

That still couldn't save him from a swift 30-day suspension, however.

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