10 Wrestling Secrets Hiding In Plain Sight

Sweet Thigh Music.

Not The Back

There aren't many secrets left in pro wrestling.

Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter blew the biz wide open with its fascinating political breakdowns and leaked tales from the inner sanctum, and is joined now by a new brigade of blue-ticked journos on an endless search for the scoop. Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin and Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp are here to save us from the midweek monotony by spilling the tea: which WWE stars are desperate to leave, and which are being held captive? Which members of the roster express their dissatisfaction by lying on their backs in their dressing room, kicking their legs out like toddlers on a long drive?

Satin recently promised a glorious scoop concerning a Vince McMahon creative decision on Twitter. Though this was confirmed by two sources, he needs additional corroboration, for this is "so ridiculously unbelievable...people are gonna think it's from Kayfabe News."

This is the schadenfreude holy grail.

What could it possibly entail? Is Vince McMahon so culturally tone-deaf and out of touch that he wanted to blackface Kevin Owens to really put over his New Day membership before, as they so often do, plans changed? We may never know, precisely because plans change so often - and tracking the drama is a natural extension of pro wrestling's soap opera appeal.

This secret, sadly, is sealed for now.

Others lurked in plain sight all the while...

10. Listen To The Sounds

Not The Back

Triple H's rise to the apex of WWE is no secret; he shagged Stephanie McMahon, seized backstage power, and used it serve his niche kink of wrestling really tedious 25 minute matches at WrestleMania to perfect silence.

He was, however, a tad more discrete in New Jersey.

A recent example of an ancient art, obviously, pro wrestlers do not strike one another with full force when laying in weapon shots. Triple H did not, when he wrestled Batista in a really tedious 25 minute match at WrestleMania 35 to perfect silence. After making his Mad Max-style entrance - actually, perhaps the post-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic was instead inspired by what he did to the WWE midcard in the 2000s - Trips set about his wheezing, stumbling opponent with a steel chain.

After subduing the Animal long enough to see him lay prone at ringside, which didn't take much, HHH thwacked him across the back. Watch closely, though, and you'll learn the secret...

...a secret unhelpfully revealed by WWE.com's photo gallery.

Triple H drove the chain into the announce table, creating a visual of velocity and a soundtrack of oomph. The chain then rested on Batista's ribcage as he sold the impact - or the physical toll of walking to the ring, one of the two.


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