10 Wrestling Shock Signings You NEVER Saw Coming

10. The Undertaker To Starrcast 2

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Not since he booted Brock Lesnar in the spuds has 'The Deadman' himself felt quite so relevant.

This isn't the simple "Undertaker to AEW" story some may report it as, but the significance of Mark Calaway's appearance at the major meet and greet the night before the company's Double Or Nothing debut mustn't be understated.

Undertaker signed for WWE in 1990 and has performed as the character entirely under their auspices ever since. For most of that time he's fiercely protected the gimmick even when the industry's ever-changing grip on kayfabe didn't call for it. It's perhaps why, now, his willingness to finally dive into this side of the wrestling business seem so shocking

Yet, various interviews and talk-ins he'd lined up were nothing in comparison to the Starrcast 2 reveal.

All Elite Wrestling have laid out a statement of intent that relies mostly on the implication - it's the implication - that they're here to take on WWE. They're not telling audiences as much, but it's implied. Dropping coin on their cornerstone furthers and enhances that statement more than just about any other, and raises expectations on both sides accordingly.


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