10 Wrestling Spots That Pissed Off Legends

9. Jim Ross Criticises The Go-To Dive Spot

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Legendary commentator Jim Ross has been around long enough not to care about stepping on a few people's toes should he have an opinion that may not go down too well with the boys and girls in the back.

And this was most recently evidenced when the current AEW man didn't hesitate to call out a spot that has infected not just his current employer's product but much of the modern wrestling industry as a whole.

Whilst speaking on his Grilling JR podcast in December, the iconic voice of wrestling revealed that he'd recently spoken to an AEW talent about the fact that "all you guys do the same f*cking spot"; that being "you go to the outside, you cluster up like quail, you stand together friend and foe side-by-side so you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move, they never gain an advantage with this move."

It's hard to argue with JR's logic here, but that didn't stop some of his colleagues being reportedly annoyed about his very public blasting of the spot, with some even pushing back in the form of some carefully worded tweets, the scamps.

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