10 Wrestling Stories That Prove Haku Was Badass

9. Making WCW Too Scared To Fire Him (Eric Bischoff)

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Following his most famous stint in the WWE, Haku made his way to WCW alongside many other stars of the era. He quickly became part of the the famed Dungeon of Doom, which battled Hulk Hogan and played host to some of the most disastrous ideas for characters ever created.

Following that first storyline, Haku was positioned as something of a gatekeeper. He was enough of a threat to contend with the top guys, on occasion but he rarely won anything of note, despite getting a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Title when he was on a small winning streak. It would be quite fair to say that he wasn't exactly a draw during the company's boom, especially with the likes of the NWO and Goldberg around.

So why did they keep him around for seven years. Well, in the words of Eric Bischoff:

We never fired him (Meng) in WCW because no one had the balls to do so.

Simple and to the point. Haku's reputation had become such that not even his own bosses wanted to tangle with him for fear of the retribution he might take.

Need a little further evidence that WCW's management were terrified of Haku? Read on...

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