10 Wrestling Storylines Totally Ripped Off From Movies

2. Perry Saturn's "Moppy" Inspired By Castaway's "Wilson"

In Castaway, Tom Hanks - as the ultra-American sounding Chuck Noland - is deserted on an island on the Pacific Ocean after his flight to Malaysia crashes, leaving him as the only survivor from the wreckage. So, just how does Perry Saturn fit into all of this? Well, it's fairly obvious where the inspiration for 'Moppy', Saturn's inanimate girlfriend, came from. Hanks finds solace and company in a washed-up volleyball, which he paints a face on and names 'Wilson'. It's the only thing that keeps him sane as he tries in vane to find a way back to civilisation. For Perry Saturn, 'Moppy' is the only thing which comforts him in the 'deserted island' of the World Wrestling Federation, much to the bemusement of his old girlfriend, Terri Runnels and his former friends.
In a way, Saturn has lost his mind, something the character of Chuck Noland is trying so hard not to do. By creating 'Moppy' and growing attached the object, Saturn became a sympathetic character for fans, who may not have understood his methods, but realised that he was doing what he had to do survive and get by, similar to Tom Hanks in Castaway. The 'Moppy' storyline was conceived in 2001, just a year or so after Castaway had been a box office smash in cinemas.

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