10 WWE Angles That Backfired Spectacularly

He shoots... and it's wide.


A great many WWE storylines over the years have been bereft of any point. Without even thinking about it, there's the time Mark Henry fathered Mae Young's hand, Kane fighting his own doppelgänger, Natalya getting flatulence issues...

But though these examples were torturous for the viewers, they weren't necessarily harmful. They were just unsightly. Like a really big spot on the bridge of your nose that takes a few days to disappear. It's really annoying, but you're not going to see the doctor over it.

Then there are angles that have somehow managed to hit the sweet spot of being both pointless and harmful. Not only were they difficult to watch, but they were also disruptive or just plain unpleasant in some other way. They might have killed a once-promising wrestler's momentum, for example, or perhaps needlessly caused offence to sections of the audience.

They might even have resulted in some form of financial penalty for the company as a whole. After all, almost everything that happens inside the WWE ring has monetary implications, and if you get things too badly wrong, you could end up literally paying for it.