10 WWE Angles That Backfired Spectacularly

10. Kevin Nash's Text

2011's Summer of Punk wasn't without merit, but there is one thing that we probably could have done without: Kevin Nash coming out at SummerSlam and beating up at CM Punk on the instruction of a mystery text message.

In case you need a refresher on how this all wrapped itself up: it was later revealed that Nash had hijacked buddy Triple H's phone and sent the text to himself - something that is second only behind Hornswoggle being Raw GM on the list of terrible WWE reveals.

The main reason the angle backfired so spectacularly is because the company wildly overestimated the former New World Order member's ability to compete in the ring. Due to his lingering injury troubles, he was ultimately unable to have a pay-off match with Punk.

Not only that, but he ended up having a damp squib of a ladder bout against HHH instead, a couple of months after almost everyone had become bored of it all. It just a complete mess of a storyline from start to finish, and it helped precisely nobody.