10 WWE Angles To Retire John Cena

You can't see me once I'm gone...

John Cena waves goodbye

John Cena has defined the current era of wrestling more than any other individual. From Ruthless Aggression rapping heel to elder statesman of the locker room, via a period as the most loved and hated figure in the ring, Cena has been at the forefront of everything the WWE has done for the best part of two decades. Only recently, as he slows to the status of a part-timer, has the hardest-working man in wrestling started taking a back seat to the rest of the company's main eventers.

Cena has been doing this a long time and his career is coming to an end. Already he has been quietly withdrawn from the WWE's world championship scene. Though it seems inevitable he will be kept on as a non-wrestling figure and WWE ambassador, Cena can't keep going in the ring for much longer. The WWE is going to have to deal with Cena's in-ring retirement, and soon.

Love him or hate him, Big Match John is a big deal and needs a proper send-off. What's more, few things have more potential drama than a legitimate retirement angle, especially for a figurehead like John Cena. There is no shortage of ways for the WWE to get one more story out of John Cena.

10. Superman Vs. Doomsday

John Cena waves goodbye

If you have a hero you need to get rid off, bring in a villain. But not just any villain - an absolute monster. The hero's downfall illustrates the horrifying scale of the monster's power and fury. The struggle is titanic and brutal, and at the end, both of them are broken and defeated by the magnitude of the conflict.

For a man so often equated to Superman, stealing Supes' fatal conflict with Doomsday from 1992's Death of Superman comic book event seems very fitting. It gives him a sympathetic ending and a huge final match at the culmination of a big storyline. All it needs is a monster of Doomsday-like magnitude.

Brock Lesnar is an obvious choice since Cena has already been battered into submission by the 'Beast Incarnate' once, and if Lesnar gets bored with the wrestling ring the angle could be used to retire both of them at once

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