10 WWE Celebrity Matches That Came So Close To Happening

10. Flo Rida Vs. Heath Slater

Flo Rida Heath Slater

That’s right. At one point “Number one club popper” Flo Rida was supposed to go one-on-one with the man who fronted 3MB, Heath Slater.

If you recall, at WrestleMania XXVIII, Flo and Slater got into it in a backstage promo, with Flo forcibly shoving Slater on the floor. This got WWE brass worked up into trying to organise a match between the massively tall/bulked-up Flo and Slater, which resulted in the latter attacking Flo at a live event a few weeks later. This produced rumours the two were on track to wrestle at SummerSlam later that year but it never came to fruition, likely due to Flo Rida’s other commitments at the time.

Heath recently said regarding working with Flo at Mania:

“He legit pushed me about ten times against the damn cinder block wall to where I looked over at Road Dogg and I’m like, ‘Dogg, I’m not taking no more. This better be it.’ To where it was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m at WrestleMania for getting pushed down by Flo Rida but my goodness, this is the hardest back bumps that I’ve taken in years.’”

The two restarted their feud two years later in July 2014 on Raw with Heath once again getting a ‘legit’ forcible push from Flo.

And again, in January 2016 on Raw nearly two years after that, Heath and Flo Rida got into it once more with Heath and his Social Outcasts faction rap battling Flo, with Flo this time just teasing forcibly pushing Heath to the ground.


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