10 WWE Champions With The Worst Finishing Moves

You have to question how these moves won matches - let alone led these stars to title glory.

Cena STF

Think of some of the greatest finishers in wrestling history.

The Tombstone Piledriver. The Pedigree. Sweet Chin Music. RKO. Stone Cold Stunner. F5. All of them look like they absolutely wipe the floor with their opponent and would quite rightly end the match.

Those that perfect them, would quite rightly ascend to the top of WWE and become the WWE Champion. There are some other finishers that might not look as impactful, but would be just as effective, like the Running Knee or the Ankle Lock, and again, these took some of the greatest wrestlers of all time to the top of the mountain.

But not every finishing move is great.

Think about Orton's Overdrive when he first hit the main roster and imagine him getting even a sniff as over as he did with the RKO. Edge's spear will always be over, but his looks like a lovely running hug. Some finishing moves are more style over substance, but then there are those that are just plain awful.

Even worse, some of these finishing moves led to their performer winning the top strap off the back of nailing it on their opponent.

(Your writer was very tempted to put in the awfully named 'Taker Care Of Business' from Undertaker's ill-fated 2002 heel run, but seen as how he dropped it within a few weeks before getting near the belt, I left it off. But worth a mention... because it was a$$.)

10. The Great Khali - Chop

Cena STF

When you come across a mountain of a man, who stands over seven foot tall and is built like a brick wall, then it makes sense to at least see what he can bring to the business. Even if it isn't gold, there is surely business to be done.

The Great Khali could barely walk, let alone wrestle, so giving him minimal moves made sense. But when even the most basic of moves look like they have minimal impact, it's probably worth just admitting that the experiment failed and move on. What you shouldn't do is place the World Heavyweight Championship over their shoulder, a whole year after realising they couldn't wrestle.

But that's exactly what happened, and boy, was it rough.

People might ironically enjoy Khali for being a lumbering giant, but his run with the company was a tough watch. What's worse, he could barely move in the ring, and for a while, he finished his opponents off with a pretty lame looking chop to the head. Eventually, he introduced a pretty decent vice grip to the head, but even then, it should never have taken him to the top of the company.

Side Note: Yes, if he chopped me, I'd shatter, but wrestlers can take a hell of a lot more than a slow, unimpactful chop.


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