10 WWE Couples Who Found Happiness In Wrestling

Falling in love with a co-worker can be difficult at times, but for these WWE stars it felt right.

Relationships in pro wrestling can be seen as a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it allows a couple to be able to travel with somebody they work with and that understands how difficult it is being a pro wrestler. The curse is that if you break up with that person then you still have to see them at work, which is never easy. Some of these relationships have led to the couple getting married, having children or both. Other times it's simply two adults dating for years. There are probably other relationships that we may not even know about, but these are the ones that were definitely started due to their working relationship in WWE. Do you think they thanked Vince McMahon for setting them up? Some of them probably did. The idea behind this feature is to look at the WWE couples that found their happiness after working in WWE together. Couples that were together before WWE like Randy Savage/Elizabeth, Eddie & Vickie Guerrero or Tyson Kidd & Natalya don't count since they were together before they were in WWE. This is for the couples that specifically met while in WWE. What's interesting about these relationships also is that some of them have been mentioned on WWE TV regularly while others were never acknowledged. It all depends on who the person is, the storyline they're involved in and how comfortable they are in letting the fans know about their personal life. Here's a look at ten couples that found happiness through their involvement as WWE superstars and divas.

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