10 WWE Couples Who Found Happiness In Wrestling

10. Charlie Haas And Jackie Gayda

What WWE couple of the last 10 years has had the most children? The answer might surprise you because it's Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda. They got married in 2005 and they have four children together. Charlie was signed by WWE after a successful amateur wrestling career at Penn State University while Jackie was one of the winners of the second season of Tough Enough. It's safe to say that Charlie is the better wrestler of the two. Jackie didn't really grasp the in-ring aspects of the business while Charlie was one of WWE's most technically sound performers. They were actually a part of a storyline on Smackdown in late 2004 with Jackie serving as his valet and then Dawn Marie got involved as they mentioned that Charlie was engaged to Jackie. In the story, Charlie also revealed that he was cheating on Jackie with Dawn Marie, but he ended up dumping both of them because of how crazy they were. Even though they're not a high profile couple, they're proof that people can meet in wrestling and have a family while also getting out of the business to continue living their life together.

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