10 WWE Decisions AEW SHOULD BE Scared Of

9. Keeping USA Network Sweet

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The moving of NXT to Wednesday on USA Network was the latest in a string of recent moves WWE have made to keep their current faves happy before jumping into bed with Fox in October.

Keen to arrest a ratings slide but primarily on the insistence of the head honchos at USA, Raw Reunion was a forced interruption of the pre-SummerSlam schedule because the bosses deemed it so.

It spoke to the method behind the madness how little meaningful integration there was with the main roster on that dreadful broadcast - these were old names being airlifted in for one night on the gravy train for the good of numbers that didn't remotely reflect how many folk were actually watching Raw on a weekly basis.

Providing USA with NXT is their latest concession as they attempt to play to the crowds on both major stations. Some flex now, but some muscle if it actually works.

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