10 WWE Decisions AEW SHOULD BE Scared Of

8. WWE Buying FITE TV

Cody Young Bucks Fiend Undertaker Sasha Banks Adam Cole

The story that went away as quickly as it appeared about Vince McMahon possibly purchasing FITE TV presented the sort of headline that has become commonplace in 2019's bizarre version of Wrestling's Wild West territory days.

No longer can places get by on last week's takings or a wing and a prayer (or less), but companies can prosper with shrewd use of social media, the right talent, good local promotion and - most importantly - this ever-reliable streaming platform.

Vince McMahon's monied threat to take that away could have had a direct impact on All Elite Wrestling of course - AEW has and will continue to use the service to broadcast their events - but Cody's crew have enough backing to figure out a solution to that problem. It's the rest of wrestling that they need to thrive in order to maintain their position as WWE's top competition, and it's that McMahon's millions threaten to take away.

That the news disappeared doesn't mean a deal isn't being done. Cagily-worded conclusions brought the matter to a halt for the time being, but the idea being out there was enough to create tension and speculation rife, right as AEW in particular needed little of either. If nothing else, this was excellent gamesmanship from one of the best to ever play.

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