10 WWE Decisions That Were Great For About A Minute

You never know until you try...


No decision in WWE is ever made with the intention of being straight up awful. It's quite the opposite, in fact.

When the guys up top decided to finally pull the trigger on Bray Wyatt's inaugural WWE Title win in 2017, they did so with the best intentions. When they also then decided to turn the ring into a naff hologram of 'creepiness' at WrestleMania 33 for Wyatt's unsuccessful defence against Randy Orton, that too must have sounded amazing on paper.

Let's not even get into how incredible the concept of 'The Fiend' vs. Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell could have been in the right hands.

The point is that even the best laid plans sometimes don't click with the wrestling company's faithful fanbase and it can be downright sad when something that ought to be brilliant doesn't cut it in the real world.

These decisions can range from so outrageous that fans are left picking up pieces of their brains, to just plain logical. Yet, it becomes abundantly clear when a seemingly great move hasn't been thought through enough for it to be a sustainable one.

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