10 WWE Decisions That Were Great For About A Minute

10. Seth Rollins: Universal Champion


Remember that time way back at Extreme Rules 2016 when a returning Seth Rollins lit the crowd on fire? The fans made their opinions very clear as to who they wanted to stand on top of the WWE mountain, but did Vince McMahon listen?

He did not.

Then, when Roman Reigns tragically relinquished the Universal Championship in 2018, a gaping hole was left open at the top of the card. Rollins, riding a tsunami of momentum going into the Royal Rumble, would win the 30-man match and finally be pushed back to the summit of WWE, heading to WrestleMania to take on Brock Lesnar.

Then, unsurprisingly, the programme leading into the biggest event of the year lacked one half of the match for the majority of the build up.

Rollins did finally conquer The Beast at 'Mania and all looked to be well with the world. Unfortunately, his run with the belt got off to a crappy start when he was forced to defend his title against Baron Corbin and then thrown back into a lazy rehashing of his programme with Lesnar.

His frenemy angle with Braun Strowman showed promise, but let's not even talk about 'The Fiend' feud.

Poor booking and a lack of social media savvy has led to the once clamoured-for champion now feeling stale and annoying.

Be careful what you wish for, ey?

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