10 WWE Disasters Rescued With One Tiny Change

8. Too Much? Too Cool!

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Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor were not over as 'Too Much'.

In fact, the Light-Heavyweight duo entered arenas to silence and came across as the kind of bargain bin tag-team you'd expect to see erm...light up episodes of Shotgun and Superstars every weekend. Then, in mid-1999, Vince Russo suggested they mimic The Hardy Boyz by being the complete opposite of cool.

Christopher and Taylor reinvented themselves as Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty respectively, and magic was created almost overnight. Fans grew to adore the overt silliness of their outdated 80s dad dancing, and treated the pair like the WWF's very own Beastie Boys.

Suddenly, Too Cool went from slumming it on the 'C' shows to one of the most over acts on the Monday night flagship. Adding Rikishi, and involving him in their goofy dance breaks, was a stroke of genius too. Who knew trying to be uncool could be so awesome?!

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