10 WWE Disasters Rescued With One Tiny Change

9. The Fastest Royal Rumble Ever

Sheamus Pete Dunne Butch Ridge Holland

Yes, rewatching the 1995 Royal Rumble should come with a public health warning. However, it should also be essential viewing for anybody who moans about WWE's current product. Think that three hour Raw was painful? Check out The Undertaker vs. IRS back in January '95.

The WWF was keenly aware that star power was thin on the ground back then. So, in a bid to mask it, Vinnie Mac decreed that the annual 30-man match should be "the fastest Royal Rumble ever". He dropped the standard (albeit worked) two minute gaps between entrants to just 60 seconds.

That, somehow, made the match zip past even though dudes like Timothy Well and Mantaur were in the thing. Imagine how bad things would've been had folks in Tampa been asked to sit around and wait for dorks like Aldo Montoya, a past-his-prime Dick Murdoch or Kwang to hit the ring.

At least the bout was over in approx 40 minutes.

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