10 WWE Divas Who Deserve More Recognition

Divas who demand respect. Give them the recognition they deserve.

Sometimes being a Diva in WWE must feel like you've got the odds stacked against you from the outset. WWE have never really gotten behind the division in a serious way, and it seems there's only ever so far a woman can go within the company. On top of that, this treatment of the women's division has trained a vocal section of the audience to feel like women's wrestling "doesn't matter" so that even when it is great, they don't bother watching. WWE is quick to celebrate their successful women wrestlers when it suits them, but when Trish Stratus and Lita say their biggest career accomplishment is that they main evented Raw once then it's obvious there's a disparity. You only need to look to the independents to see how great women wrestling can be, with wrestlers like Candice LeRae and Kimber Lee absolutely tearing it up with women and men alike. WWE has always had talent of that calibre, but they've never really given them a consistent opportunity to showcase what they can do. WWE has always had a history of badass women who take no prisoners and show just how tough they can be, and we've put together a list of ten women warriors who deserve more recognition for their efforts.

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