10 WWE Divas Who Deserve More Recognition

10. Natalya

The Queen of Hearts has had a tough road in WWE. She showed up a bit too late for the early 2000s "golden era" of WWE women's wrestling, but too early to get grouped in with all of the hot prospects coming up through NXT. Now she's settled into the role of "veteran" without ever really having a crack at doing anything awesome. There have been flashes of greatness, of course, but her #PinUpStrong run with Beth Phoenix as the Divas of Doom will always be overshadowed by her terrible farting gimmick and oddball family dynamic with Hornswoggle & The Great Khali. A lot of fans seems to have turned on Nattie after her less than favourable appearances on Total Divas, but WWE should run with that. Make her the unstoppable heel champion, the end boss of the division so that when someone does take her down, it really means something.

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