10 WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Impulse Reactions

10. Worst Kept Secrets


Akira Tozawa's first Cruiserweight title match in months and first ever one-on-one clash with Buddy Murphy was as much about again providing a bigger stage for 205 Live's 'Best Kept Secret' as it was the former Titus Worldwide challenger, but both again proved more worthy of the half-baked booking and half-filled arena they were forced to work with.

The pair looked like a severed tag team in their palette swap attires, but had all the chemistry of old friends in the biggest boy-popping spots from the match. Murphy catching a dive to the floor was another unique take on the size and strength advantage he wields over his challengers, whilst a series of nearfalls from Tozawa's wicked range of kicks and flips briefly proffered a possible switch.

A late counter of a top rope press slam into a hurricanrana got them a "This Is Awesome" chant, but the crowd bit less for a strikes battle that fed into the finish. To that end, Tozawa turned the volume up with a reverse hurricanrana and high angle senton to Buddy's back, but a Murphy's Law submission counter brought the curtain down on another mini-classic.


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