10 WWE Exiles That Need To Return In 2015

It's time for Kurt Angle to come home.

WWE has employed many a great wrestler over the years. However, whilst some of these wrestlers instinctively knew how to €˜play the game€™ (pun intended) and subsequently prospered both in front of AND behind the cameras, many others made bad business decisions, burned bridges that didn€™t need burning and effectively threw away their legacies in the process. Then there are the guys that have simply been away too long. Released after their push faltered, or dropped as their characters stagnated, these are red-hot names that could still mean top dollar to WWE if they were promoted in the right way. Accompanying each name on this list of WWE €˜exiles€™ is a fantasy booking idea, just a random, throwaway suggestion as to how the company might maximise the potential of each wayward superstar and translate either nostalgia, or even unfinished business, into big big bucks. These are just the thoughts of a fan, nothing more (so keep your hate mail to yourself). Here's 10 WWE exiles that could (in some cases, should) be doing business with WWE in the very near future...
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