10 WWE Faces Who Were Actually Total Heels

Whatever happened to the heroes?

hulk hogan wrestlemania 9

What is it with WWE and babyfaces?

It seems that no matter how hard they try, the company just can't build likeable, engrossing protagonists anymore. Heels have never been an issue, but something has gone awry in WWE's babyface star-making machine, and there appears to be no fixing it.

Long gone are wrestlers like Dusty Rhodes, whose everyman charm superseded his physical limitations, or even Daniel Bryan, who will forever remain one of the most likeable men in wrestling. Wrestling faces just aren't sympathetic anymore, but the trend is far from new.

Babyfaces are supposed to be defined by their honour, spirit, and integrity, but that hasn't stopped some of the sport's biggest fan favourites from behaving like textbook villains. Regardless of their popularity, it'd be a stretch to call these competitors "good guys" by any stretch of the imagination, and while each of them were cheered, none were what you'd call a positive role model.

Here are 10 WWE faces who were actually total heels.


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