10 WWE Heel Moments From Which There Was No Return

Or: from which there ought to have been no return.

Paige Charlotte Controversy

Could you have rooted for Walter White after he left Jane to die in Breaking Bad?

Of course you couldn't. Heisenberg had plain and simply passed the point of no return, by committing an action (or, in this case, an inaction) so heinous that he irretrievably lost the sympathy of the audience.

In WWE, bad guy wrestlers pass the point of no return fairly regularly, to the point where it's pretty much impossible for fans to continue to bear their grudges against them when they decide, one day, that they want to get back on the straight and narrow.

A villain might be drawing mega-heat one week for making fun of a small child's braces, but the following week another one could put an old lady through the Spanish announcer's table just for kicks.

There's just too many people to hate, including those who are genuinely quite nice and charming most of the time, such as Rey Mysterio circa 2006, for fans to remember crimes like these for longer than a couple of months.

Thanks to the internet though, we can now go back a little further, and come to realise how ridiculous it is that certain wrestlers still manage to elicit cheers.

10. Big Bossman Crashing A Funeral

This - a pretty despicable act, even within the context of a hot-blooded wrestling feud between two natural enemies - would have been higher on the list, were it not for Big Show's laughably bad acting.

But there's no real no way you can defend Big Bossman interrupting the funeral of his colleague's father via a mega-phone, proceeding to (sort of) run him over, and then driving off with the coffin chained to the back of his car (with 'The World's Largest Athlete' in, err, hot pursuit).

Thankfully, Bossman was always a natural heel who was about as likely to turn face as Donald Trump.

And even more thankfully, it turned out this wasn't the actual funeral of Big Show's actual real-life dad. Even WWE would probably consider that a little distasteful.