10 WWE Heel Moments From Which There Was No Return

9. Triple H And Katie Vick

Paige Charlotte Controversy
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Triple H wasn't actually guilty of necrophilia, since it was only a doll inside the coffin. He was just pretending to make love to a corpse in the hope of gaining a psychological advantage over Kane, based on an unverified and possibly apocryphal story from his distant past.

Actually, that's still pretty weird (albeit not as weird as the idea of Kane actually doing it for real), and what's more there was really no need to dredge up this particular part of the Big Red Machine's tortured origin story, given that there was so much else to go on already.

To be fair, it took about four years before Trips was back in our good books, and ironically it was crass humour that put him back there when he began cracking wise alongside Shawn Michaels as part of DX.