10 WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Impulse Reactions

Groundhog Bray.


It's extremely WWE of WWE to end their busiest week in years with a pay-per-view it looked as though they'd forgotten to actually put a card together for.

They don't warrant sympathy on this one - yes, the billions they're being paid by Fox are predominantly for SmackDown, but as a billion dollar enterprise, they should have been able to spin at least one more plate at the back end of "Premiere Week".

Sure enough, with mere hours to go before doors opened at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, WWE airlifted a series of workable contests on to the card, announced via one tentacle of their Social Media octopus instead of the usual carpet bomb assault when they've got something to say.

After a week of relentless build for everything else, it was all quite odd. For the punters in the building, it can't have been particularly thrilling to have so little to look forward to (despite, admittedly, two Hell In A Cell clashes), but the element of surprise offered equal opportunity for viewers at home of something being either awesome or awful.

Did they fail to prepare and prepare to fail, or was this Card Subject To Loads Of Changes a shock hit? One of the already-booked battles would ultimately decide...


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