10 WWE Legends Who Ruled Suplex City Before Brock Lesnar

Before there was Lesnar, these guys threw the best Suplexes…

Far away, on the road to Parts Unknown, past the Bottomless Pit, and some fifty miles outside of Dudleyville is a city that€™s currently being ruled by Brock Lesnar. That city is famous for having inhabitants that throw each other around with a combination of technical grace and unparalleled brutality. It€™s a city where only the strongest survive, and the rulers don€™t reign for too long, as they tend to be disposed of on a regular basis. That city is Suplex City. The Suplex is one of the most fundamental moves in all of wrestling, with a myriad of different variations. Some of them are simple and easy to perform, like the Belly-to-Back Suplex, while others are more complicated or dangerous, like the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Regardless of variations, you can€™t be considered a great wrestler unless you can throw a great Suplex. Lesnar rules Suplex City right now because he€™s one of the most intimidating forces in WWE, and someone who throws a mean German Suplex. Just ask John Cena, who suffered 16 of these at SummerSlam 2014. But this wasn€™t always the case. Suplex City used to be ruled by different people, but these ten individuals stand out more than others as the best Suplexers in all of WWE history, and all of them were rulers in their own right€
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