10 WWE Legends Who Ruled Suplex City Before Brock Lesnar

10. 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig

A list about Suplex masters couldn€™t be complete without the €˜Perfectplex€™ and its most well-known user, €œMr. Perfect€ Curt Hennig. Mr. Perfect always lived up to his name when it came to delivering his trademark bridging Fisherman Suplex, and it didn€™t matter how big or small his opponents were; once Hennig had that leg hooked, it was pretty much guaranteed that the referee€™s count would reach three. He even managed to execute his Perfectplex on the Big Show, which is an amazing feat in itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pzbj9ps_zk Mr. Perfect would achieve quite a bit of success using that Suplex variation, but sadly, the powers that be never had as much faith in him as they did in other wrestlers around at the time. Sure, Hennig had a decently-long, 280-day reign as WWF Intercontinental Champion, but to this day he is considered one of, if not the best WWF wrestler to never win the WWF World Championship. Perhaps if he was given more opportunities, he would€™ve Perfect-plexed his way to that achievement as well. In hindsight, Hennig and Lesnar did cross paths during the infamous €˜Plane Ride from Hell€™, and ended up fired shortly thereafter. Maybe, just maybe, if he had managed to use the Perfectplex on Lesnar, and show him why he once ruled Suplex City, maybe things might€™ve turned out differently for both men.
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