10 WWE Legends Who Ruled Suplex City Before Brock Lesnar

8. William Regal

Regal was an underrated ruler. He never rose beyond the mid-card in WWE, and his talents were often wasted away in embarrassing comedy segments and non-wrestling related roles. This is especially sad when you consider how graceful and skilled Regal was when he was Suplexing his opponents in the ring. Regal had a variety of finishing moves, from his Regal Stretch STF variation, to his impressive Regal Cutter neckbreaker variation, to his Knee Trembler strike attack. While those moves often signaled the end of Regal€™s matches, the highlight of one of his bouts would be when he would start Suplexing people. He had a number of different ways of doing so. Sometimes he€™d keep it simple with a Belly-to-Back or German Suplex, while in other instances he€™d mix things up with a Dragon Suplex or a Half Nelson variation. Then, of course, there€™s his trademark Suplex, the Regal-Plex, which is his own, modified version of the Back Suplex that involves a bridge and a leg hook. Those tiny additions make the move more likely to score a successful pinfall, as it makes it harder for Regal€™s opponent to lift their shoulder up to break the pin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiiLXoQVqZA Regal may not have enjoyed the same level of success as others on this list, but it still cannot be denied that he€™s a tremendous wrestler whom younger fans should emulate, especially considering his Suplexing ability ranks among the best in the entire business.
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