10 WWE Legends Who Ruled Suplex City Before Brock Lesnar

9. The Iron Sheik

When it comes to Suplexing people, few have done it as well as the Iron Sheik. Though he didn€™t use as wide a variety of Suplexes as some other people on this list, he did Suplex people to great effect nonetheless. Wrestling during a different period, where variety wasn€™t as common as it is today, Sheiks offense consisted of three of the simplest Suplex variations in wrestling: the Belly-to-Belly, the Gutwrench, and the Belly-to-Back. The Iron Sheik did all of these moves perfectly, and, when you take into account his impressive amateur credentials, it really makes him seem like much more of a threat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMuW5z_NHiE As his famous expression suggested, if you made him mad, he€™d, €œSuplex you, break your back, f*** you€™re a**, and make you humble€™. Maybe that third statement was nothing more than hyperbole, but the other three were in all likelihood very true. If he executed a Suplex on you, there€™s a good chance your back would break (before he€™d slap on the Camel Clutch), and you€™d definitely be humbled by the man€™s incredible athleticism and wrestling experience. So while Brock Lesnar might rule Suplex City now, the Iron Sheik was the first one to rule the city, after Suplexing everyone else out of his way. An ideal mayor if there ever was one.
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