10 WWE Legends Who Should Get The "Last Ride" Treatment Next

9. Sunny

Ric Flair

No doubt Sunny is a difficult figure for WWE to truly celebrate. A brief spell in the adult entertainment industry is the kind of thing the typically prudish company tends to turn its nose up, and more troubling are legal issues and instances of racial insensitivity (to put it mildly) that show no signs of abating.

Still, there’s no denying the impact Tammy Lynn Sytch had on the wrestling landscape of the 1990s. Inside the ring she was something completely different, a bolt of pure lustful energy that was crucial for the oncoming Attitude Era. Outside the ring, she was a divisive personality, thought to be key to the increasing tension between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, and quick to make enemies wherever she went.

She’s a hugely interesting figure, basically. Iconic in her day and something close to tragic now, she should be celebrated for what she brought to the industry in her glory years, though her more difficult times would make for gripping viewing as a cautionary tale. It’s never hard to find wrestlers willing to talk about Sunny - particularly during the latter half of her onscreen career.


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