10 WWE Matches That Completely Exceeded Expectations

9. Roman Reigns Vs. Big Show (Extreme Rules 2015)

Jinder Mahal The Great Khali Battleground

Given the gimmick, Last Man Standing bouts tend to have a slow enough pace as it is, so it rarely bodes well to see someone with a similarly sluggish style, like Big Show, feature in such a match.

This particular one also involved Roman Reigns, just months removed from his infamous Royal Rumble rejection. That meant we had an unpopular “babyface” on one side of the equation and an ageing heel on the other who’d recently been on the receiving end of “please retire” chants.

Not that anyone was chanting that come the end of this one.

A 20-minute contest saw no shortage of table spots, including Reigns being chokeslammed through a pair set up at ringside, as well as a spear through the barricade and another from one announce desk to the next.

There was even time for some comic relief, with Show smashing a table with his bare hands to wind up the audience, plus his priceless scream after being hung up on the top rope, which even had Reigns smirking.

Send for the man!

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