10 WWE Matches That Were Too Epic To Fail (Yet Somehow Still Did)

But, but, but, it was a 'dream match'...


Despite it now feeling like WWE actively go out of their way to set us up for a fall, it is always worth remembering that this is the same company which has produced some of the most important and iconic moments in all of wrestling history.

Through countless eras Vince McMahon's empire has found a way to create magic and has delivered matches that will undoubtedly be studied by the next generation of wrestling fanatics.

Yet, for every jaw-dropping showstopper there will always be a highly anticipated dud waiting right around the corner and this is why it can be a frustrating old life for a fan of the consistently inconsistent world of WWE.

A potentially legendary encounter can fall short of that coveted status for a number of reasons. Stars fluffing their lines on the night, the wrestlers on show not being given the time their feud deserved or even expectations being set unfairly high for an eventual blow-off have all led to fans ultimately feeling disappointed once the bout reached its conclusion.

These ten super fights should've gone down in WWE history as legitimate classics, but they instead just left us wondering how it could all go so wrong.

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