10 WWE Midcard Matches That Stole Major PPVs

Follow THAT!

Sometimes the term "main event" is nothing more than a phrase and a time slot. After all, it's really up to the performers each night to decide which match on the card is going to be considered the true high point. Over the years, the WWE creative team has consistently proven that they have an eye for choosing the right match to highlight as the proclaimed main event. But every once in a while, superstars on the undercard go out and prove them wrong. It's these matches that diehard fans cherish the most, because they're the most unexpected delights. Some of the following non-main events have saved otherwise terrible shows. Others were simply the high point of an already exceptional lineup, going above and beyond to steal the spotlight. In any case, sometimes it's important to rewrite history. And that's what we're going to do here. Let's go back and call out the real main events that didn't get initially get that billing.


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