10 WWE Moments 2020 Will Be Fondly Remembered For

Some bright, shiny WWE diamonds in a wrestling year that's been full of coal.


2020 has not been a kind year to many industries. Professional wrestling, a business that thrives on fan presence, fan interaction, and fan response, was at least able to keep operating, albeit under very changed circumstances.

Empty arenas. Elaborate entrances played out to silence. New championships held aloft to the applause of a few dozen people who were allowed inside closed sets.

Alongside the changes came the wondering. Would wrestling ever be back to 'normal'? What kind of impact would this have on the roster? (Which WWE, unfortunately, answered on Black Wednesday in April.) Would wrestling continue on as a distraction for millions of people who were forced into quarantine and isolation?

As is always with WWE, the show must go on, and we got answers to these and more questions in the ensuing weeks and months.

It's not been all doom and gloom, however. Despite the chaos surrounding us, 2020 still gave us some banging WWE moments; moments that allowed us to lose ourselves in the fantasy world of good vs. evil for a few hours and gave us something to cheer for at a time that cheeriness was in freefall.

With a few months' worth of TV and PPVs left, there could certainly be more of these ahead of us, but for now let's count the blessings we've had and look back on 10 WWE moments we'll remember fondly when this is all over.

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