10 WWE Moments That Weren't Supposed To Happen

Well, that wasn't in the script...

triple H injury

What's your favourite unscripted WWE moment of all time? The 'Montreal Screwjob', maybe, or perhaps it's Triple H tearing up his quadriceps back in 2001. Whichever one it is, you're a sadist. Montreal has been done to death, so much so that there's nothing new to say about it, and the gruesome injury Trips suffered on that May '01 episode of Raw is hard to watch.

Time to dig further into the archives for unscripted, chaotic goodness that next-to-nobody talks about instead.

This compilation of calamity has funny botches, a well-meaning security guard doing everything to protect WWE's biggest show of the year, potentially career-ending bumps that were totally avoidable, production errors that'd make Kevin Dunn red-faced and fans doing all they can to share the spotlight with their favourite stars.

None of it was supposed to happen the way it did, but some of it was almost fatal. Don't worry, nothing was harmed in the making of this article. Well, apart from Sheamus' arm, Triple H's torso, a handful of fans in Orlando and Steve Austin's pride, that is...


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