10 WWE Moments We Wish We Could Unsee

The most cringeworthy content from the world's weirdest company.

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Being a WWE writer must be an impossibly tough job. Hours of TV storylines to write every week without pause, ideally serving the progression of a larger narrative, and with a mad despot prone to ripping up the scripts as he breathes down your neck. It’s tempting to give them some slack - they’re in an unenviable position.

On the other hand, though, they’ve made us sit through some appalling moments over the years, and must be raked over the coals accordingly. At its worst, WWE can produce a spectacle that’s not just low quality but downright embarrassing, prompting piercing questions about your continued fandom.

These can be comedy segments that go wrong, attempts at drama that fall hideously flat, “edgy” material, or bizarre attempts to outright humiliate the wrestlers and crew who make the show worth watching in the first place.

WWE is the land that taste forgot - you’ll note that Vince himself features pretty heavily here - and these segments are obviously appealing to someone in order to get on air. If we had our time again, though, we’d be tuning out of WWE TV to avoid this horror.

10. Vince McMahon, Impressionist

Edge Lita Live Sex Celebration

For many years Jim Ross was the voice of wrestling, immortalising WWE moments with his perfectly worded calls and always putting over the big matches just right. He was a hugely important piece of WWE broadcasting, and for that reason, it seems Vince McMahon hated him.

McMahon cannot resist humiliating JR at any given opportunity. One such example is the “Dr Heiney” skit. With JR written off TV to undergo colon surgery, Vince decided to don medical scrubs and spend several minutes pulling various items out of the backside of "JR". This was relatively harmless, though Ross confirmed he wasn’t, understandably, too keen.

More mean spirited was his impression of JR, who was suffering with one of his recurring bouts of Bell’s Palsy. McMahon, showing off to Hornswoggle, launched into an imitation of the longstanding commentator, complete with twisted face and “Stone Cold! Stone Cold!” call.

Ross has made it clear over the years that he’s none too keen on being made the butt of these particularly cruel jokes. Your boss making (lame) jokes at the expense of your medical condition would be grounds for a lawsuit in any other company in the world.

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