10 WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Winners NOBODY Would See Coming

Would these WWE Money In The Bank winners take everybody by surprise?!

Dominik Mysterio WWE Money In The Bank 2023

Money In The Bank has become akin to an annual creative noose for WWE's writers.

Last year, Austin Theory was picked to win the men's briefcase, but it became clear rather quickly that those penning his material didn't really view him as someone who'd realistically dethrone Roman Reigns. So, Theory ended up cashing in on the secondary United States Title. He's recovered as a character since, thankfully.

Liv Morgan won the women's case, and she didn't fare much better either. Sure, Liv cashed in to win the SmackDown Women's Title, but her run as champ was miserable and WWE lost interest rapidly. Today, "Miss MITB" Morgan is right back where she started in the Women's Tag-Team Title division.

Who's next?! No, not Bill Goldberg. These possible Money In The Bank winners must be considered unlikely suggestions though. Let's be honest about something up front: Nobody here is cashing in to beat Roman, so they'd have to wait until the 'Tribal Chief' lost one or both of his belts before trading in the briefcase.

There are five picks each for the male and female matches. Let's get stuck in!

10. Lita

Dominik Mysterio WWE Money In The Bank 2023

First surprise right here!

Lita recently dropped the Women's Tag-Team Titles without even being involved in the match. Trish Stratus replaced her as Becky Lynch's partner, meaning Lita was little more than a pawn for WWE to get to Trish vs. Becky (which looks like it'll be happening at SummerSlam).

That could be a wrap on the ex-'Team Xtreme' member's career renaissance, or maybe not. What if she shocks the world by taking part in the women's Money In The Bank match in London and winning the whole thing? Then, depending on who's holding the Raw or SmackDown Women's belts, Lita can cash in for a title shot on pay-per-view when it suits.

Older fans would dig that, and it could lead to some interesting bouts like Lita vs. Rhea Ripley or Bianca Belair. Or, and here's an out-there suggestion, perhaps Trish Stratus wins some gold then WWE repeats a women's wrestling classic between two legends.


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