10 WWE Myths Fans Still Believe

Was the Hardcore belt actually the old WWF title?

Mr Perfect Hardcore Belt

Reddit isn't just a website for memes and pictures of cats.

It also facilitates insane conspiracy theories, toxic political discussion and, on a more serious note, perhaps the best wrestling forum anywhere on the internet.

r/SquaredCircle has become the place to go for frank WWE discussions - even John Cena himself was checking it out a few weeks back - and a recent thread about pervasive wrestling myths that just refuse to die has caught our attention.

Wrestling being what it is - a form of entertainment somewhere between the realms of fiction and reality which, for a long while, was the exclusive domain of spandex-wearing muscle-men who took blows to the head for a living - apocryphal tales and widely-held misnomers are something of an inevitability.

And as fans, we are often guilty of indulging them a little too much - particularly during those quiet mid-year months (i.e. right about now) when we are often left starved of genuinely great wrestling.

And it's kind of fun, for a little while anyway, but - like those cat pictures - it probably isn't very healthy in the long run.

10. Triple H's Ultimate Warrior Squash Was Punishment

Mr Perfect Hardcore Belt

These days, it's pretty hard to imagine Triple H - the Game, the King of Kings, the 14-time world champion - losing a match inside two minutes.

But that's exactly what happened at WrestleMania 7, where the future Mr Stephanie McMahon (whom he was, obviously, yet to woo) was comprehensively beaten by Ultimate Warrior. So comprehensively, in fact, that Warrior comically no-sold HHH's trademark Pedigree.

Many fans still believe this match was punishment for the infamous "Curtain Call" episode, in which Trips broke kayfabe to bid adieu to friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who were headed to WCW.

Seems to have a whiff of truth about it - until you figure out that the Curtain Call incident in question happened nearly two months after he was buried at 'Mania.