10 WWE Myths Fans Still Believe

9. Hardcore Holly Sandbagged Lesnar

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In 2002, Hardcore Holly suffered a broken neck after a botched powerbomb from Brock Lesnar, and for years fans have believed that the injury was the result of deliberate "sandbagging" on the part of the former WCW star.

This is silly for a couple of reasons, not least that being in the arms of a 300-pound beast is probably a bad time to try and provoke said 300-pound beast.

But it's also a slight on Holly's character, who - as far as we can tell - seems to be a consummate professional (albeit one you probably wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley).

Commenting on the incident years later, the veteran explained that Lesnar was simply unwell at the time of the match and inadvertently dropped his opponent.