10 WWE One-Offs So Bad You Forgot They Existed

WWE chucked these ideas at a wall. They didn't stick, but they left a stain!

The Heart Throbs Pocket Rocket WWE

Everybody remembers the worst WWE ideas.

Katie Vick, Kerwin White, The Gobbledy Gooker, Heidenreich in LOD - all funded by Vince McMahon's "Million Dollar Mania", of course. There are far too many to mention, but let's cut the overworked creative team some slack for a sec. Sure, those aforementioned ideas were horrendous, but at least they stick in fans' brains.

Being memorable is... something, at least. The same absolutely cannot be said for the men and women who grace this here list. In most cases, they only lasted for one main TV appearance before being packed neatly in a box marked 'Trash' and never spoken of on-camera again.

Don't expect to hear any of these names when Michael Cole inevitably mentions random workers/gimmicks from WWE history on his post-Vince SmackDown commentary, put it that way. They are worth mentioning though, if only because they led to some dirt poor moments on flagships like Raw, SmackDown and even the old Wrestling Challenge show.

If somebody asks you to name even five WWE characters or ideas from the past that people might've forgotten, then you'd do well to come up with these gems...

10. Super Porky

The Heart Throbs Pocket Rocket WWE

Behold babyface Otis before that even existed.

In 2005, short-lived character Palmer Cannon told SmackDown GM Teddy Long that WWE needed some new ideas. So, Palmer introduced the "Junior's Division" and claimed little people wrestling would do big ratings. It didn't, obviously, because people aren't idiots and viewed this as just another temporary distraction the company would get bored with quickly.

You might recall some of the "Juniors" who did their thing on episodes of SmackDown and/or Velocity, but you probs don't remember Super Porky. He only appeared once - Porky was shown eating ham during a backstage skit with Long on the 21 October 2005 edition of Smackers.

It was as thrilling as it sounds, but was pro wrestling's latest attempt to mock overweight men and women for having an eating disorder. Now, the actual ham-eating was harmless, but... Super f'n Porky? Wrestling has always been a literal business stacked full of one-dimensional characters, and yet this somehow managed to take the p*ss with that concept.

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