10 WWE One-Offs So Bad You Forgot They Existed

9. Brakkus = WWF Push Project

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According to Bruce Prichard's pod, Shane McMahon was impressed by the bulging muscles of German bodybuilder Achim Albrecht. Naturally, because of course he was, Vinnie Mac loved the big man's look too - the WWF signed Albrecht up in 1996 and immediately recast him as Brakkus.

It didn't work out.

Despite being signed since '96, Brakkus didn't make his first in-ring TV appearance on Raw until 1998. By then, fans tuning in for some 'WWF Attitude' wanted more from characters than just 'he has lots of muscles and looks good on an 8x10'. Brakkus, regrettably, had zero wrestling skills or personality to speak of.

He'd only make one proper in-ring appearance on Raw; on the 27 July '98 episode, Brakkus beat Jesus Castillo in 51 seconds. The guy was also in 'Brawl For All' but literally no-one remembers him being there or throwing hands with Savio Vega.

Probably for the best.

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