10 WWE Punishments That Didn't Fit The Crime

9. Scouting The Competition

Titus O Neil Vince Mcmahon Punishment

Admittedly, Robbie McAllister going to the Impact Zone was an incredibly stupid thing to do. He probably would have got himself into less trouble spending his day off at a meth lab.

That said, many of us at the time were left questioning what exactly TNA thought they were accomplishing by putting their cameras on him and referring to him by his real name live on air. It was kind of a dick move, even if they were only drawing a page from the playbook of Vince McMahon, wrestling's ultimate dick.

Regardless, the Highlander appeared to be harshly punished once his employers caught wind, the evidence for which being a particularly stiff match he fought against JBL on Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks later.

Whether the Wrestling God was explicitly instructed to play rough by his creative masters, or he just took it upon himself to teach his rookie co-worker a lesson, is difficult to say for certain, and it probably made no odds to McAllister either way.