10 WWE Returns Everyone Asked For (Which Ended Up Sucking)

Be careful what you wish for because WWE might just give it to you...

scott steiner

No matter what era or scenario the company finds itself in at that moment in time, next to nothing will stop the wrestling universe from clamouring for a long lost face from the past to make a highly anticipated return to Vince McMahon's playground.

Though the majority of die-hard fans have already figured out precisely how a star should be used, booked, or presented before they've even set foot back through WWE's famous doors, in reality, sometimes things just don't fall into place in quite the way we'd originally hoped they would.

Now, in some cases, father time simply robbed us of a performer's glory years before they had one last chance to perform a victory lap in front of the WWE faithful.

Yet, other seriously talented wrasslers with more than a few in-ring masterclasses still up their sleeves have also left much to be desired after finally making a triumphant return.

From five-star frog stutters to Big Poppa chumps, this bunch of returning faces ultimately found out the hard way that not all comebacks are made equal... and some just straight-up suck...

10. Bret Hart

scott steiner

Make no bones about it, Bret Hart can very much legitimately confess to being "The best there is. The best there was. And the best there ever will be." So, it's just a shame that the middle section of that crowd-popping catchphrase rang most true when it came to his long-awaited return to WWE shores.

Having not set foot in a WWE ring since being infamously screwed a staggering 12 years earlier, The Hitman finally made his presence known on the January 4 edition of Monday Night Raw. Heartfelt burying of the hatchets quickly took place on-screen with both Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon, only for the latter reconciliation to quickly spiral into a WrestleMania XXVI feud.

Sadly though, the countless theatrics and shenanigans that went into setting up the grudge match we'd been waiting a decade for couldn't mask the fact that this whole scenario was simply 10 years too late. Hart was in no real condition to wrestle anywhere near the match he once did and what could have been a rousing, dare I say, show-stopping comeback, soon devolved into a stale weapons-fest and a lacklustre final in-ring run in general.

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